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We take reservations for 2-200!

Send us your event details and one of our managers will get back to you ASAP. Please note that we cannot accept reservations between 4:45pm – 6:45pm on Fridays. Please submit any stampede inquiries to stampede@bottlescrewbill.com.

* Please note – reservations are not confirmed until you have heard from us!


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Bottlescrew Bill’s Pub & Buzzards Restaurant and Bar

Bottlescrew Bill’s has been serving Calgary’s largest selection of craft beer since it opened in 1985. Currently, over 300 different beers are on the menu, ranging from local Alberta-grown craft beer to national and international brands and everything in between.

Located on the site of the old Calgary Press Club, on the corner of 10th Avenue and 1st Street SW; it is right behind the Calgary Tower and a short walk from several downtown hotels. Buzzards Restaurant (EST. 1980) is a part of Bottlescrew Bill’s and serves the same menus.

In the summer, a large covered patio stretches around the south and west side of both the restaurant and the pub, while an enclosed and heated Beer Garden offers year-round seating at the back of the pub.

We are very proud of our food, and our full menu is available until 1:30 am Monday through Saturday.

Completely renovated in 2011 & 2012, there are four separate rooms, each with it’s own character. All rooms and patios are available for large or small group bookings.

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Flames Games Specials

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24th ANNUAL BEER FEST – Saturday, March 3 (2-5 pm)

Over 25 breweries, pouring over 75 different beers! Tickets are on sale in store or online for only $30 (visit https://www.showpass.com/bsb-beerfest/). Your ticket includes 20 sampling tickets (2-3 oz. pours each) and extra sampling tickets are only $1.50 each.  Help us beat the $3,395 we raised last year! This event will sell out – tickets, if any, are $40 at the door!

BEER BINGO – Wednesday, Feb 28

Join us the last Wednesday of every month for Beer Bingo! $5 beer specials, half price wings, and tons of prizes (some great, some not so great!). Kicks off at 7:30pm!

DRINK BEER DAY – Thursday, Feb 22

The last Thursday of every month, join us for 40% off all bottled beers over $8 (excluding the Vintage beer menu) — great way to knock a few of the beer passport list!


Celebrate the Klondike Gold Rush and all things Yukon – including their beers. Bottles of Yukon Gold and Midnight Espresso Stout are only $5 all day long!

LONG WEEKEND BEER SALE – Saturday, Feb 17-19

It’s another looooong weekend – and you know what that means. We’ve got a nice long list of $5 beers on special all weekend, on top of our regular daily food and drink specials. Cheers!

CHINESE NEW YEAR – Friday, Feb 16

Kick off the ‘Year of the Dog’ with $5 bottles of Lucky Buddha, Yanjing or Tsingtao, but try not to break any glass or it could mean bad luck.

VALENTINES DAY – Wednesday, Feb 14

We’re serving up specials for the lonely hearted as well as the lovers. Cheeky beers may include:

  • Lonetree Cider
  • Dieu Du Ciel Aphrodisiaque
  • Tree Thirsty Beaver
  • Something Brewing Gimme That Nutt
  • Amsterdam Boneshaker

January 18, 2018

2pm – 5pm
Proceeds go to the Mustard Seed Street Ministry
Tickets are available in house or on-line now! showpass.com/bsb-beerfest
$30 tickets, 30+ breweries 75+ beers and lots of giveaways!

JANUARY 24th – Wednesday – AUSTRALIA DAY
Aussie Meat Pies and Aussie Beers on sale all day long!

The last Thursday of every Month is our Drink Beer Day – which is 40%off all beers over $8. This one happens to coincide with Robbie Burns day where we will be featuring Haggis, select Whiskies for $6 and $7 Innis & Gunn!

The last Wednesday of each month and this one falls on a full moon- we have Chang on Special as well as $10 Vodka Redbull buckets – Bingo is free to play AND we accept reservations!

Superbowl, Valentine’s Day, Family Day Long Weekend Beer Sale, Yukon Heritage Day

Check back for updates!


December 12, 2017

FestivusThe Airing of Grievances – Saturday, December 23 enjoy $5 pints of Wild Rose Electric Avenue all night and $4 premium shots (from 2-10pm). Compete in our ‘Feats of Strength’ competitions starting at 10pm (which will include a beer holding competition of course) and bring in a gift if you’d like to participate in our Re-gift Exchange! If you’ve been living under a rock (or weren’t born yet) and don’t know what Festivus is, watch Seinfeld episode #10 “The Strike” from Season 9 and come on down… but maybe air your grievances at home beforehand!

Drink Beer Day – Thursday, December 28th and the last Thursday of every month, we’re offering 40% off all bottled beers over $8 (excluding the Vintage beer menu). It’s a great time to start a passport or knock a few off the list! Happy beer drinking y’all!

Christmas Hours:

  • Sunday December 24 – 10:30am – 3:30pm
  • Monday December 25 – Closed
  • Tuesday December 26 – Noon – 1:00am
  • Sunday December 31 – 11:00am – 2:00am
  • Monday January 1 – Noon – 1:00am

New Years Eve – Say goodbye to 2017 on, you guessed it, Sunday December 31st! We’re hosting Black Tie Bingo with awesome prizes to be won! Tickets are $10 and include a guaranteed seat, plenty of party favors and a complimentary glass of champagne! Bingo kicks off around 8pm! We are also taking reservations, with no cover, for the main pub area where we will be showing the Flames vs. Chicago home game on all TV’s @7pm! NFL afternoon games will also be shown.

Happy Holidays!

November 14, 2017

Turkey Bowl – Thursday, November 23rd is American Thanksgiving and that means 3 things… Football, turkey and beer. More specifically, we’re showing all 3 NFL games with full sound and opening early @10:30am so you won’t miss a second of the action! We’re also serving up delicious turkey lunch and dinner along with tasty Cask beer on special all day long! And as you guys know, we love our giveaways, so be here to win an NFL jersey!

Monthly Events:

Beer Bingo – The last Wednesday of every month we host beer bingo! A night full of cheap beer, half price wings, colorful dobbers, a colorful host, tons of great prizes and if you’re (un)lucky, a cheeky paddling!

Drink Beer Day – The last Thursday of every month we celebrate drinking good beer by offering 40% off all bottled beers over $8 which, if you’ve seen our menu, includes a lot (minus vintage beers of course)! It’s one of many great reasons to start our famous “Around the World in 80 Beers” Passport Challenge!

Christmas Parties – The pub is fully decorated! Including garland, trees, bows, lights, and mistletoe! If you’re looking to book a Christmas Party this year, we’re more than happy to show you around and answer all your Christmas party questions! Contact our reservation manager Jane at party@bottlescrewbill.com for more info! Hoppy Holidays!

Flames Giveaways – Don’t forget, we give away a Flames ticket package every Flames game – home or away! This includes 2 tickets to the next Flames-Fieldtrip (an upcoming game), complimentary chicken wings and a drink at the dome! Be here an hour before home games or during second intermission for away games to enter! Our game day specials include $12 hockey burgers with fries and $15 jugs of Budweiser.


November 2, 2017


$5 Brewster’s Coconut Porter
OK Springs Porter
St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout
Tool Shed Flat Cap Stout
$6 Deschutes Black Butte Porter
Deschutes Obsidian Stout
Yukon Espresso Stout
$7 Fuller’s Black Cab Stout
$8 Blindman Ichorous Stout
Dieu Du Ciel Aphrodisiaque
Dieu Du Ciel Peche Mortel
Maui Coconut Porter
North Coast Old Rasputin
Stone Americano Stout
$12 Cannery Blackberry Porter
La vache Folle Imperial Milk Stout

Renovation Update – Our exterior renos at the pub are now over 90% complete. We are still open, however our access is around the exterior of the patio.

Christmas Parties – Book your Christmas party here with us! Some dates and times are already filled up but we have plenty more available. Groups of all sizes are welcome. Email party@bottlescrewbill.com for more info.

Flames Field Trips – Our next Flames Field trips are on Thursday November 9th against Detroit and Tuesday November 28th against Toronto – Be here for your chance to win 2 tickets. We draw an hour before every home game and in the 2nd intermission during away games.

We will be updating the blog on Tuesdays going forward so come back for more up to date info!


October 24, 2017

A Beer by Any Other Name: Porters

Let’s talk porters now; it’s starting to get cold out, and I feel we could all get into a nice dark beer by a fire right about now. The name comes from the porters who carried goods throughout London (who no doubt would love a pint and a fire after work).

Before the 1700s most beers were unaged, publicans blended different casks for the customers (generally an old ale, a new ale, and a weaker one). Porters were the first to be aged at the brewery, and one brewer, Ralph Harwood, produced a beer that embodied all the aspects of the blended ale. Well- hopped and made from brown malt, it was the first beer made on a large scale. The invention of the malt roaster in 1817 introduced black malts, and through the century English Porters (having already arrived in Ireland) made their way to Russia, the Baltic countries and the Americas.

I don’t want to start any arguments by talking about the difference between stouts and porters, but in the 19th century stout was simply used to describe a strong porter, and the theme is history, so I’ll recommend trying Fuller’s Black Cab Stout.

Brewed using 5 malts, this stout -though it drinks quite lightly for a stout- has the roasted coffee, burnt cocoa-toasty goodness you want in the winter. Hints of dark fruits offset the bitterness nicely, and a great beer to start the next few weeks; porter/stout thread!

October 16, 2017

A Beer by Any Other Name: IPAs

No one is a stranger to IPAs anymore. With the huge boom of the style in the microbrewery scene in North America, they’re as common and easy to find as any ol’ domestic. Most of us have heard the tale of the birth of India Pale Ales; highly hopped to help preserve the beer on its journey from England to India.

In the 80s (1780s, that is) a London brewer sent an aggressively hopped beer out, which improved over the journey! Voila! The beer grew in favour, other brewers imitated the style for home, and eventually the style became weaker, turning back into more of a pale ale.

Come round the 70s (1970s) many American brewers set out to recreate nearly-lost British beers – like the almost-extinct IPA. Thank god for them, am I right? They eventually gained popularity back in England too, however we don’t carry and IPAs brewed by British breweries…. But who needs ‘em anyway.

We have quite a selection of IPAs here at BSB, as we should, since they’ve been making a crazy comeback in the last 10 years. And where do I start?! I love me an IPA, so it’s hard for me to write about just ONE!

So let’s talk happy hour IPAS: the 3 that we have on tap, on special, for our happiest of hours are Last Best IPA#3, Banded Peak’s Summit Seeker (a dark red IPA), and (for now, she’s a rotational) Zero Issue’s Nemesis white IPA. You really can’t go wrong with any of them; phenomenal beers, the lot!
ipYAYs, ipHaaays, ipForDayys


October 5, 2017

A Beer by Any Other Name : Bitters

The history of British beers is a bloody complicated endeavor, reaching back to Celtic times, and so much of the history is centered around alehouses and the old school cask ales, which I touched on briefly last week… So I’ll go ahead and start with Bitter beers, I suppose. Seems like as good a place as any to start.

Bitter styles are complicated in and of themselves, with there being several styles within the bitter category: ordinary bitter (least alcohol), premium bitter, and extra special bitter (most alcohol). The name referred to hoppy beers that were gaining popularity in the 19th c. as opposed to the mild beers of the time.

So let’s bitter about it for now. An extra special bitter, if you will. A Fuller’s ESB, for that matter. Two time winner of the title of World Champion Beer, Fuller’s ESB sits at a warming 5.9%. Chestnut in colour, she’s malt-forward, with an orangey-bitter thing going on. With the winter months fast approaching, this is a perfect beer for a chilly fall night in an Old English Pub…say, Bottlescrew Bill’s, for example.

See you soon!

October 2, 2017

A Beer by Any Other Name: An Intro to English Ales

So let’s stop our German historical beer tour, switch ‘er up, and head on an alcohol fuelled journey to England! Brewing in England was well established by the time the Romans invaded, there is evidence that a Celtic brew was often enjoyed by Roman soldiers. Saxons, Angles, and Jutes also celebrated victory in battle in the mead hall with mead or ale.

Beer was a staple in the English diet, and not just for celebration. A preferred choice to water in the middle ages– since the brewing process made it a cleaner option – it also provided nutrients and calories for the everyday man.

Before we get too into the whole history and timeline of English beer styles, let’s focus on our old-school cask ale that we carry here at BSB. For those unfamiliar, a cask beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized, conditioned and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The brewing process is the same until the beer is poured into the cask, where sugar (to help in secondary fermentation) or hops are sometimes added.

We carry our Buzzard Breath Ale, an SOB, in a cask always here at BSB, and once a week a local brewery has a feature cask here, tapped on Thursdays! It changes weekly, and we often run out just a few hours after tapping the cask, so be sure to come down early and try one!

September 20, 2017

OKTOBERFEST:  Celebrate here at Bottlescrew Bills (Sept 19-22)… 1L Steins, pretzels and bratwurst are all on special! Prost!

SOUR BEER DAY: This Saturday September 23 is our first Garden Party alongside Cold Garden Brewery who will be decorating the back patio, the way they do best, and serving up some of their tasty brews (if you’re lucky it might even be in a freshly carved pineapple!) Secret Barrel will be shaking (or stirring) up custom rum cocktails and local favorites, Kinfolk Deejays, will be laying down the tracks! Join us Saturday evening for some last minute “summer” fun!

FLAMES GAMES:  As always we have a ton of specials and giveaways this NHL season! Hockey Burgers with fries are $12 and jugs of Bud are $15 every gameday from 3pm until the end of the game! Also be here for your chance to win a Flames ticket package – we draw a winner every game (one hour before home games and at 2nd intermission during away games!) All games shown with full sound!

BEER BINGO: The last Wednesday of every month is Beer Bingo at the pub! Free to play, starts at 7:30pm and goes until about 10:30! You can jump in or out anytime. There’s a ton of new prizes to choose from and beer and wing specials all night! Call to make a reso for large groups! Warning: we do use paddles for false BINGO claims 😉

September 7, 2017

ALL NEW HAPPY HOUR: We’re excited to announce the fall launch of our new happy hour! Draught beer, wine and caesars are only $3 from 3-4pm, $4 from 4-5pm and only $5 from 5-6pm, every weekday! Get here early to take full advantage! We also re-vamped our daily specials to give you more options 7 days a week!

SOUR BEER DAY: Saturday, Sept 9 we’re serving up $5 pints of Dandy Wild Sour and Blindman Kettle Sour in honor of ‘Sour Beer Day’! Pucker up pals!

NFL SEASON SPECIALS: The season officially kicks off today! Sundays now include all-day Happy Hour and all-day Breakfast, along with $4.29 cans of Bud Light and Bud Light radlers! We’re also giving away a jersey every Monday night! Enjoy games this season in the pub with sound.

August 25, 2017

Mayweather McGregor Fight – we are sold out of tickets to the fight tomorrow night – however we do have walk in space in the main and middle rooms of the pub. These tables are first come, first serve so get here early if you want a seat. We have lots of tvs that can be seen from almost every seat in the room.  If you’re not here for the fight we still have lots of room available on our patio!

New Daily Specials – Fall is coming in hot and with it some new great promotions! We will be launching them hopefully next week!

A Beer by Any Other Name: Old School Weissbeir


A measly 4 years after Reinheitsgebot was introduced into law, the Dukes of Degenburg oversaw the brewing of a beer using malted wheat and malted barley by one brewery – a Weissbeir. The Degenburgs paid a pricey fee for the privilege, but soon another Duke decided one brewery was not enough, and breweries owned by the Dukes of Wittelbach across Bavaria started brewing Weissbier! Weissbeir is an umbrella term, but let’s focus on the most well-known Weissbeir: Hefeweizen. Unfiltered and thus cloudy in appearance, with a thick head, Hefeweizens typically have a banana / clove aroma to them, with a flavour profile to match, and notable bready undertones from the wheat, and little hops. We carry several Hefeweizens here at the pub, some of the more well-known ones brewed by Erdinger and Paulaner. Maisel’s Weiss is also a great go-to, but my favourite German hefeweizen is König Ludwig. She hits all the notes you need in a hefeweizen, banana, clove, little wheat delight in there, with a thick head (careful when you pour people!). Eventually darker styles were gaining favour again. The term “Weissbeir” covers all beer brewed with wheat, but can vary greatly in strength, flavour and colour; Kristallweizen (filtered version), Weizenbock (stronger version), and Dunkelweizen (version using darker malts). I’ll tell you ALL about ‘em next week.

Til next week, my Bottlescrew babes!

August 15, 2017

A Beer by Any Other Name: Trappist Ales

I guess I’ll keep the blog going in a pseudo-chronological order. At least somewhat. We started with sours because A) am biased, I love ‘em, B) everyone’s coming out with a sour right now, and C) there IS a Sumerian recipe from 3000 BC that details the making of a beer quite like modern lambic. ANYWAY

NEXT UP: monastic brews, or Trappist ales. Monasteries began brewing around 500 AD, and so, it is my next choice in the series. There are 8 Trappist abbeys: 6 from Belgium, 1 from the Netherlands and 1 from Germany. These 8 founded the International Trappist Association to prevent abuse of the Trappist name. A Trappist beer must be brewed within a Trappist abbey, by monks, and sales revenue must be directed towards assistance, not profit. Some of the profits go to maintaining the abbey, and the rest to charities of their choosing.

The Chimay Brewery is a phenomenal example of the Trappist style, as well as good practices. The water for the beer is drawn from a well within the monastery. They feed their cows the unused solids from the beer mash, and said cows make their cheese! That’s right, they do cheese too.

We have Chimay Red, Blue and White here at BSB (blue’s my favourite).Trappist beers tend to be on the pricier side, but you get what you pay for. Spend 6$ on bud light and chug that down, or spend double that, with double the percentage, drink from a chalice, enjoy every mouthful, and also get that nice fuzzy feeling of knowing that a portion of it is going to support some monks and their choice of charity! We also have Rochefort 8 & 10 from the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Saint-Remy, and with centuries of brewing experience, they know what they’re doing. The Rochefort 8 sits at just over a 9%, and is a sweet delight. The 10, sitting at an ever-powerful 11.3% plays the percentage down with a fruity scent, sugar and spice notes reminiscent of winter, less sweet than brother 8.
Your local BSB Brewnette


August 2, 2017

TOOLSHED ‘PRAIRIE PRIDE’ BEER LAUNCH: Thursday Aug 3 come celebrate the launch of the World’s 1st All-Alberta Ale from Toolshed Brewery. “Prairie Pride” boasts ingredients that are grown 100% from you-guessed-it, Alberta! With hops from Northern Girls Hopyard, 2 row malt from Antler Valley Farm via Red Shed Malting, wheat from Rahr Malting, and wild yeast from Scott Keller Farms. Come on down anytime after 4 for a truly Albertan taste.

IPA DAY: August 3rd is also Ipa Day! Join us in a collective toast to one of craft beera€™s most iconic styles: the India pale ale. IPAa€™s from Last Best, Banded Peak, Ribstone Creek and Zero Issue Brewing are $4.76 all day long! Steak sandwiches are also on special for only $12!

AUGUST LONG WEEKEND BEER SALE: They dona€™t call it a long weekend for nothing! Wea€™re continuing our $4.76 IPA specials ALL weekend loooooong – enjoy these delightfully hoppy brews, along with $4 Palm Bays until Monday August 7th!

MAYWEATHER VS. MCGREGOR: Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather and two-weight UFC world champion Conor McGregor have agreed to a boxing match on Saturday, August 26 at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas. It’s expected to be the highest grossing event in either of the two sports’ histories…so… you may want to put this one in your calendars! We will be airing the fight on all TVs with full sound in every room at 7pm. You can pre-purchase tickets at the bar or online at myshowpass.com for only $20 (extra fee if booked online). This guarantees you a prime seat in front of our TVs, a “Buzzard Burger” with fries and your choice of Wild Rose beer on tap or in the bottle! No ticket = first come, first serve, no charge.


July 20, 2017

TESTICLE FESTIVAL CONTINUES: Just because Stampede is over doesn’t mean we stop serving up our famous Prairie Oyster dishes! We have three tasty appetizers featuring this classic cowboy delicacy available as well as our Prairie Oyster Caesar! Try them here before they run out… if you have the balls!

PATIO BEER BINGO: Our monthly beer bingo is this Wednesday, July 26 at 7pm! Tons of great prizes to choose from, drink and food specials (including our half-price chicken wings!), and it`s free to play! Come play a round or three and enjoy the sunshine!


July 14, 2017

Yeehaw! Stampede has been a blast so far – if you havn’t made it down yet, you should because we have a couple days left with our STAMPEDE HAPPY HOUR! 9PM – 1AM featuring $4 Budweiser (12oz), Jack Daniels (1oz), Wine (5oz) and $3 Tacos, Sliders, and Perogies!

And we have LIVE MUSIC Friday and Saturday til Midnite! On Saturday night we have 3 bands – Enslow, Ken Staid, and Mikaila Cooper!

See you on one of our 3 patios soon!

June 29, 2017

This Canada Day Long Weekend is jaaaaam packed…

1) Canada Day Party here on Saturday July 1st! Celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with local live bands (no cover) from 3-10pm and $5 Canadian microbrews all night!

2) As usual, we’re having a Long Weekend Beer Sale FRI-MON!

Get any of the following draught beers for only $5:

  • DDC Mosaika
  • Delirium Tremens
  • Erdinger Weiss
  • Erdinger Dunkel
  • Rogue Dead Guy
  • Stiegl Radler
  • ToolShed Flat Cap Stout
  • Troubled Monk Homesteader
  • Phillips Solaris

and the following beers in cans or bottles for only $4.75:

  • Labatt 150
  • Pilsner
  • Kokanee
  • Keith’s
  • Sleeman Railside
  • BigRock Rock Creek Cider
  • Alleykat Aprikat
  • Alleykat Full Moon IPA
  • St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout
  • Grizzly Paw Rutting Elk Red
  • Dead Frog Rocket Man
  • Parallel 49 Gypsy Tears
  • Stanley Park Foghorn
  • Stanley Park Noble Pilsner
  • Saigon
  • Darkside Schwarzbier

Get em while they last!!!!

3) Join us Sunday July 2nd for Zero Issue Brewing’s Official Launch Party! An old school patio party where Zero Issue will be hanging out, pouring samples and talking nerdy (about beer and comics!) from 2pm onwards. P.S. It’s superhero and villain themed so be sure to don your finest cape!


June 15, 2017

Guess what?! We launched our new summer menu today! We kept some customer favorites (of course) and added a few new and exciting dishes – like our Vietnamese Sliders! Should pair nicely with our freshly updated summer beer list.

This sunday is Father’s day! What better way to show your dad you care than with a cold one. We have over 300+ beers to choose from, not to mention $5 caesars and poutine on special! See you Sunday!

A Beer by Any Other Name: Sours
Part 1: Old School

Sour beers are making a rockstar comeback in the microbrewing scene lately, with Parallel 49, Driftwood, and Blindman all making kettle sours, but that’s a topic for next week. This week we go old school. The most popular and traditional forms of sour beers are Flanders red ale, gose and lambic. The Flanders red ales and lambics are both brewed in Belgium, traditionally spontaneously fermented with wild yeasts, aged for some time and blended.

For the most part, Flanders red ales are no longer spontaneously fermented, but are still given their sour kick from lactic acid. The classic Duchesse de Bourgogne is an example of the Flanders red ale style – don’t be turned off by the heavy vinegar aroma; the Duchesse is a beautifully balanced example of the style.

To the south lambics are still being spontaneously fermented by exposure to open air, but are usually a blend of several batches (a gueuze) or have fruit added in for several months, re-fermenting the added sugar from the fruits (Kriek or Framboise).

Gose style beers belong to the old family (we’re talking 14th c. old) of sour wheat beers: Berliner Weisse, Belgian Witbier, etc… Still a spontaneous fermentation, but the addition of coriander and salt made it an exclusion from the German purity law (but still this writer’s favourite sour style). New to us at BSB is Ritterguts Gose, authentically brewed in the old tradition (since 1824!) & voted “World’s Best Gose”. If you were ever to try an old school sour, I’d recommend starting here.


June 9, 2017

A Beer by Any Other Name

For thousands of years humanity has been enjoying (and occasionally over enjoying) beer. Through this blog, beginning with a brief history of beer, I’ll touch on the differing styles, their origins and history, flavor profiles, and some of my favourite go-tos that you can find here, at Bottlescrew Bill’s!

With roots dating back to ancient times, beer is as much a part of our history as agriculture, and has been attributed with forming civilization. Most had their own god of beer or brewing: Dionysus, Silenus, Ninkasi, Aegir, & Yasigi to name a few…

The first solid evidence of beer production is seen in Babylonian clay tablets dating 4300 BC, which detail beer recipes. In 1000 BC, early Germanic tribes were brewing with wild grains. The Romans introduced beer to Northern Europe around 50 BC and over a century later Pliny notes English Celts flavouring their beer with rosemary or yarrow. Some early beers were flavoured with crab claws, oyster shells, mint or dandelion.

Hops were discovered around a thousand years later (yay!), and by the middle ages brewing had shifted from family tradition and domestic brewed beer to a commercial endeavor, with monasteries and convents doing more and more brewing. 1516, the Bavarian Purity Act was established, stating that beers could only contain barley, hops and water. By 1810 Munich had its first Oktoberfest, and the rest is history!

Whatever mental or physical barrier you must overcome to imbibe, beer’s got you covered. If you need a religious push to drink more beer, it has been said that Noah stashed beer on board the ark – only the necessities, you know? Medicinal woes? Beer was used pharmaceutically in Ancient Egypt, prescribed for over 100 uses, and during Prohibition, alcohol was prescribed for anything from a toothache to the flu. Need more persuading? Queen Elizabeth was said to have enjoyed a strong ale for breakfast. Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both owned private brewhouses

Thank you!

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