August 25, 2017

Posted by: admin August 25, 2017

Mayweather McGregor Fight – we are sold out of tickets to the fight tomorrow night – however we do have walk in space in the main and middle rooms of the pub. These tables are first come, first serve so get here early if you want a seat. We have lots of tvs that can be seen from almost every seat in the room.  If you’re not here for the fight we still have lots of room available on our patio!

New Daily Specials – Fall is coming in hot and with it some new great promotions! We will be launching them hopefully next week!

A Beer by Any Other Name: Old School Weissbeir


A measly 4 years after Reinheitsgebot was introduced into law, the Dukes of Degenburg oversaw the brewing of a beer using malted wheat and malted barley by one brewery – a Weissbeir. The Degenburgs paid a pricey fee for the privilege, but soon another Duke decided one brewery was not enough, and breweries owned by the Dukes of Wittelbach across Bavaria started brewing Weissbier! Weissbeir is an umbrella term, but let’s focus on the most well-known Weissbeir: Hefeweizen. Unfiltered and thus cloudy in appearance, with a thick head, Hefeweizens typically have a banana / clove aroma to them, with a flavour profile to match, and notable bready undertones from the wheat, and little hops. We carry several Hefeweizens here at the pub, some of the more well-known ones brewed by Erdinger and Paulaner. Maisel’s Weiss is also a great go-to, but my favourite German hefeweizen is König Ludwig. She hits all the notes you need in a hefeweizen, banana, clove, little wheat delight in there, with a thick head (careful when you pour people!). Eventually darker styles were gaining favour again. The term “Weissbeir” covers all beer brewed with wheat, but can vary greatly in strength, flavour and colour; Kristallweizen (filtered version), Weizenbock (stronger version), and Dunkelweizen (version using darker malts). I’ll tell you ALL about ‘em next week.

Til next week, my Bottlescrew babes!

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