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Quarantine Passport & Hours Update

April 29th 2020

Pickup & Delivery Hours
430pm – 730pm, Daily

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Introducing the QUARANTINE PASSPORT!Travel the World (or province of AB) without leaving your couch!
BSB proudly announces the launch of two new additions to its famous and long-standing Around the World in 80 Beers Passport program.  

Two new Passports are available for the length of the lockdown only:Travel the World without leaving your Couch, and Travel The Province without Leaving your Couch.
Each passport program features 40 beers (from around the world or around the province, depending on which one you choose). Each passport is available in two shipments of 20 beers each, for the cost of $120 plus GST per case. Delivery is an additional $7, or contactless curbside pickup is free.
The first 20 beers for each Outbound Bound Journey are available for ordering now, for delivery or pickup. The second 20 beers for each Return Home Journey will be available starting Wednesday April 29th.
Successful travellers (no time limit, stay safe!) will have their names engraved on a special shield which will be placed on the wall of Bottlescrew Bill’s close to the front entrance, where it will be displayed for at least another 33 years…. which is the same length of time our first shield has been displayed since the program was started in 1987.
Bon Voyage, and safe “travelling”!

How many different Quarantine Passports are there?
Two. One has 40 different beers from around the world. The other has 40 different beers from around the province.

How do I begin my travels?You can order the first leg of either passport anytime through our website The first part of each passport will be available for pickup or delivery from Saturday April 25th onwards.

How much does it cost and what will I get for that?
The first leg of each passport costs $120.00 and for that you get a mixed case of 20 different carefully-curated beers, along with a specially-printed card with a map showing where the beers have come from, and a place to record the flavour characteristics of each beer that is similar to the in-house passports at Bottlescrew Bill’s..

Pickup or delivery?
You can arrange contactless curb-side pickup at Bottlescrew Bill’s for no extra charge, or get the case delivered anywhere in Calgary for a delivery fee of only $7.

When can I order the second leg of the passport and how much will that cost?
The second part of each journey will cost an additional $120.00, and be available for purchase on Monday April 27th with pickup or delivery from Wednesday April 29th onwards.

What beers are in each passport?
The names and bottle/can size of all the beers are posted on the item description on our, although we do reserve the right to substitute similar beers if any become unavailable.

Do I get a prize for completing both journeys, or even both passports?
No prizes, but you will get your name (or preferred “nom-du-biere”) engraved on a plaque which will be placed on a new Quarantine Virus shield affixed to the wall of the pub close to the front door and thus will have bragging rights for the next several decades…

Is there a time limit on consumption?
No, take your time and relax: enjoy your journey, thats what travelling is all about.

Is there a competition to see who can consume all 80 beers the fastest?
NO! Please take your time, see above… We are not, can not and will not monitor consumption. The mere act of ordering the second half of each passport journey will qualify you for an engraved plaque, no need to rush your travels…

So, what’s the cost again?
$120 for 20 beers at a time, or $240 all told for 40 beers, a souvenir “passport”, and an engraved plaque on the new shield by the front door of the pub for all eternity…

Can I do both passports?
Yes, of course, there are terrific beers from everywhere, and it’s great to support local craft brewers as well.. 

Any last words?
Bon Voyage, and Safe Travels…