October 16, 2017

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A Beer by Any Other Name: IPAs

No one is a stranger to IPAs anymore. With the huge boom of the style in the microbrewery scene in North America, they’re as common and easy to find as any ol’ domestic. Most of us have heard the tale of the birth of India Pale Ales; highly hopped to help preserve the beer on its journey from England to India.

In the 80s (1780s, that is) a London brewer sent an aggressively hopped beer out, which improved over the journey! Voila! The beer grew in favour, other brewers imitated the style for home, and eventually the style became weaker, turning back into more of a pale ale.

Come round the 70s (1970s) many American brewers set out to recreate nearly-lost British beers – like the almost-extinct IPA. Thank god for them, am I right? They eventually gained popularity back in England too, however we don’t carry and IPAs brewed by British breweries…. But who needs ‘em anyway.

We have quite a selection of IPAs here at BSB, as we should, since they’ve been making a crazy comeback in the last 10 years. And where do I start?! I love me an IPA, so it’s hard for me to write about just ONE!

So let’s talk happy hour IPAS: the 3 that we have on tap, on special, for our happiest of hours are Last Best IPA#3, Banded Peak’s Summit Seeker (a dark red IPA), and (for now, she’s a rotational) Zero Issue’s Nemesis white IPA. You really can’t go wrong with any of them; phenomenal beers, the lot!
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