October 2, 2017

Posted by: admin October 2, 2017

A Beer by Any Other Name: An Intro to English Ales

So let’s stop our German historical beer tour, switch ‘er up, and head on an alcohol fuelled journey to England! Brewing in England was well established by the time the Romans invaded, there is evidence that a Celtic brew was often enjoyed by Roman soldiers. Saxons, Angles, and Jutes also celebrated victory in battle in the mead hall with mead or ale.

Beer was a staple in the English diet, and not just for celebration. A preferred choice to water in the middle ages– since the brewing process made it a cleaner option – it also provided nutrients and calories for the everyday man.

Before we get too into the whole history and timeline of English beer styles, let’s focus on our old-school cask ale that we carry here at BSB. For those unfamiliar, a cask beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized, conditioned and served from a cask without additional nitrogen or carbon dioxide. The brewing process is the same until the beer is poured into the cask, where sugar (to help in secondary fermentation) or hops are sometimes added.

We carry our Buzzard Breath Ale, an SOB, in a cask always here at BSB, and once a week a local brewery has a feature cask here, tapped on Thursdays! It changes weekly, and we often run out just a few hours after tapping the cask, so be sure to come down early and try one!

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