October 5, 2017

Posted by: admin October 5, 2017

A Beer by Any Other Name : Bitters

The history of British beers is a bloody complicated endeavor, reaching back to Celtic times, and so much of the history is centered around alehouses and the old school cask ales, which I touched on briefly last week… So I’ll go ahead and start with Bitter beers, I suppose. Seems like as good a place as any to start.

Bitter styles are complicated in and of themselves, with there being several styles within the bitter category: ordinary bitter (least alcohol), premium bitter, and extra special bitter (most alcohol). The name referred to hoppy beers that were gaining popularity in the 19th c. as opposed to the mild beers of the time.

So let’s bitter about it for now. An extra special bitter, if you will. A Fuller’s ESB, for that matter. Two time winner of the title of World Champion Beer, Fuller’s ESB sits at a warming 5.9%. Chestnut in colour, she’s malt-forward, with an orangey-bitter thing going on. With the winter months fast approaching, this is a perfect beer for a chilly fall night in an Old English Pub…say, Bottlescrew Bill’s, for example.

See you soon!

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