Update June 5, 2020

Posted by: admin June 5, 2020

JUNE 5th, 2020

Hey Y’all!

Well the first week of reopening flew by and here we are with some new info.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 2pm to 9pm
Wednesday, Thursday 2pm to Midnight
Friday, Saturday Noon to Midnight

We are back to allowing pups on the patio! HOWEVER, please make sure that your dog is also following physical distancing rules.

So we have a new order system in store where you order things for yourself, rather than a server taking your order.
Basically it works like this:
1. Scan the QR code on the table (or sign into the wifi) to take you to our menu
2. Choose your items
3. Proceed to cart & review
4. Enter your details & table number
5. Select Visa/Mastercard to pay online, or select “cash” if you would like to pay with debit.
Your server will be by shortly with your items (+the debit machine if you need it!)

We also have our online store – bottlescrewbeers.com available for pickup & delivery if you are unsure about coming in for a visit. We totally understand that everyone has different levels of comfort. We take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously, and have gone above & beyond in our health & safety measures.

Updating again next week – Daily specials coming sooon as well!

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